Special Olympics Venezuela Paid Tribute to Its Founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver

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Young Athletes entering with EKS values
On 27th September 2013, in the establishments of IEE Bolivarian Zulia, the address of SP Zulia C.Occidental of Special Olympics Venezuela ( OVC ) , paid tribute to the founder of Special Olympics Inc. , Eunice Kennedy Shriver ( EKS ) in the framework of the celebration of the 2nd Local Young Athletes ™ Festival, called "Let's Play Unified to Live Unified" . The activity began with the entry of small children carrying banners with EKS values , while the master of ceremonies talked about the life and works of EKS , making it clear that if it were not for the vision of Mrs Eunice Shriver, they would not be meeting this morning celebrating Special Olympics activities; the foundation that currently supports , serves and benefits millions of people with intellectual disabilities and their families around the world . This time 50 children from 3-8 years without disability, demonstrated skills in compliance with the established routine during the Festival.

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