National Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Tournament

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Coach and athletes ... a union that moves mountains.
The National Special Olympics Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Tournament was recently held in the town of Villa Pehuenia , Neuquén Province , Argentina , with the participation of 97 athletes from the city of Bariloche, El Bolson , Chos Malal , Undermine , Villa la Angostura , San Martin de los Andes , Junin de los Andes, Aluminé Lonco Villa Pehuenia and Luan . The event was organized thanks to the selfless work of the Special School No. 17 and Elementary School No. 90 in Villa Pehuenia. We have the support of the municipalities of Villa Pehuenia Aluminé, the secretariat of Sports of the Province of Neuquén and the Provincial Education Council . For many of the athletes, coaches and families participants, it was the reunion after the experience in the World Winter Games , PyeongChang 2013 - . A reunion to remember stories, meet friends and again to prove that nothing is impossible for the human spirit.

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