Spread the Word to end the word

My brother and I recently got nominated from area 9 to participate in YAC (Youth Activation Committee). My brother has Aspergers, My husband has ADHD, my younger brother has ADHD. Almost everyday I hear the r-word and it makes me want to cry. I have been a coach, unified partner, and friend with Special O for a year now. I want to spread the word to end the word. I want my brothers and many others to be heard. I want them to be accepted and treated like humans. Being new to all this has been a little complicated but has been rewarding all the way through. My brother with Aspergers plays sports and enjoys being on the team, he smiles and laughs more then i ever thought he would. He is more sociable then ever. This could never have been done without Special Olympics MN and the coaches from Area 9! Thank you and I hope to only grow with Special O.

About Me:

I am a 21yr old sister to a Special Olympics athlete, a student at SE High school, and I am his voice. I am a coach, unified partner, and biggest fan.