2013 SONA ALPs Summit Experience

One of my favorite parts about Special Olympics is that there is always something new and unique to look forward to. This fall I was hired as Pennsylvania’s new Athlete Leadership Program Coordinator. Two weeks after I was hired, I got to attend the Special Olympics North America ALPs Summit in Philadelphia. At this conference, Athlete Leaders and Special Olympics staff from across the US, Canada, and Caribbean gathered to learn more on how to start or better their ALPs program. One of the biggest parts for me during this conference was working on tying in my connections with Project UNIFY to ALPs. I, along with my boarder buddy Clement Coulston from Delaware and DE athlete Rachel Ward, presented the ALPs/Project UNIFY connection in front of a panel of important people, which included Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver. I believe young athletes serving on a youth activation committee can take their leadership skills after they transition off and begin training at ALPs U. From there, they can become leaders and mentor youth in their local program.

About Me:

I am a Special Olympics athlete and compete in basketball. I also am Pennsylvania's ALPs coordinator and work out of their Eastern office. I'm looking forward to doing many great things with this job and hope it propells me to even greater opportunities.