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LSU Unified Team

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Through Project UNIFY and SO College, youth in Louisiana have found a voice and established themselves on 5 college campuses and in over 35 high schools. Students throughout these schools have participated in the Special Olympics Unified Sports® program which pairs athletes with intellectual disabilities and their peers without intellectual disabilities. SO College allows students involved in their high school to transition and continue their Special Olympics involvement once they progress to college. If not for programs such as Unified Sports, hearing impaired athletes like Roy Mernard would sit on the sidelines. Roy is a local high school student and a member of the Special Olympics Louisiana LSU flag football team. He works well with his teammates, unified partners and coaches, he is finally able to compete in a sport that he loves and excels at. Partnering with LSU and this unified flag football game specifically has brought awareness to Unified Sports, SO College and will showcase the abilities of our athletes.

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