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The Athlete Leadership Workshop II, took place on Tuesday 05 November in the multipurpose room of the Municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlan where Athletes discussed the vision and values of Special Olympics. The day was divided between lectures and workshops. The tables were coordinated by our volunteer program, under the direction of Cecilia Rodriguez, Board member of the organization. They also received the chara. the 3 R given by Koky Aguilar about recycling. We also have the presence of our ambassador Kerim Handal, Board members and a visit from Sara Alvizures , Director of Special Olympics Guatemala . About 25 athletes from different cities of the country were involved. Sponsors include: Digicel sponsor of Special Olympics El Salvador , FundaGeo , Jumex , Water The Pearls , Municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlan , Domino 's Pizza , and Jennifer Facela Pernet.

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