Special Olympics Cote d'lvoire celebrates its EKS day

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Special Olympics Cote d'Ivoire hosted its first ever EKS Day event in 2013 and were thrilled with the success of the event. A basketball training camp was planned and prior to the event training was conducted for coaches and volunteers for the event. 50 athletes, 50 partners, 10 athlete leaders and 20 coaches participated in Unified® Basketball match at Lycèe Classique high school. The event allowed all participants to learn basics skills in basketball and helped develop them for the main basketball competition. Other activities were also offered at the camp and athlete leaders had the opportunity to be trained in computer and internet literacy. The basketball competition was followed by an award ceremony where certificates we handed to all participants. The event was attended by, the Deputy Mayor of the City, representing the Mayor of Cocody , the National Sports Director representing the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, and the Inspector General of Sports, Mr. Tanoh, also from the Ministry of Sports. The Ivorian Basketball Federation sent two experts to oversee the training of coaches and athletes. They also donated 25 basketballs and committing to developing the program. A partnership with the Ministry of the Environment was also cemented as part of an awareness campaign amongst the youth to advocate for a healthy society and community environment.

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