Special Olympics Welcomes Mongolia Program

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Attending the press conference welcoming Special Olympics Mongolia in the office of Mrs S.Oyun, Chair of SOMGL, in the Ministry of Environment of Mongolia. From left to right are Ariun (SOMGL National Director), Daisy(SOEA Organizational Development Senior Director), Anna (SOMGL Foreign Relation and Projects Executive), Mary (SOEA Regional President & Managing Director), Mrs. Oyun (SOMGL Chairperson), Khulan (SOMGL Board Member), Ninjbadam (SOMGL athlete and Board Member), Bud (family members representative and coach in training), Bayarmagnai (SOMGL Board Member and HOD for Asia Pacific Games)
Last month, in the Mongolia Parliament House, history was made when Special Olympics Mongolia officially joined the Special Olympics family. Historically, people with intellectual disabilities in Mongolia have been completely invisible. Earlier year, the Games Operating Committee brought seven developing countries to Korea, including Mongolia, for the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games. These countries had never participated in the World Winter Games before. Special Olympics Mongolia has received official support from Ts. Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia, to support the growth of Special Olympics programs in his country. The Program plans to expand at a rapid pace, with the goal of providing services to 2000 registered athletes across Mongolia, with the ultimate goal of sending athletes to compete in the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California. The Program sent two athletes to compete in the Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games this week.

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