Special Olympics El Salvador Ambassadors As Part of Regional Campaign

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Luciana Sandoval and Jorge " Koky " Aguilar as part of the UNICEF’s #MundoDeCapacidades and Special Olympics launched this campaign in order to promote the rights of children with disabilities. Anyone can participate in this initiative through a deck of cards / letters on Facebook, in which the player must solve various challenges virtually selecting a letter with the correct capacity. Through this dynamic, each person will be invited to reflect on their own skills and stigmas when relating to others. In addition to the ambassadors of Special Olympics, Goodwill Ambassadors UNICEF Julieta Venegas and Diego Forlan, have given theirs pictures for a # MundoDeCapacidades campaign. Luciana Sandoval said that "discrimination based on disability is a form of oppression," noting that " enhance activities and initiatives as # MundoDeCapacidades will support the integration of people with disabilities

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