Team Mongolia's Special Olympics experience

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Team Mongolia's Elberelt Bayarmagnai (left)and Ninjbadam Ulaan
Special Olympics Mongolia was founded in 2013, the latest addition to the Special Olympics family. The Program has sent two athletes for swimming at the Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games. 16 year old Elberelt Bayarmagnai and 15 year old Ninjbadam Ulaan are classmates in their school, and both athletes’ family are here, enjoying their first experience with Special Olympics. I first met the group at Healthy Athletes, where Elberelt’s dad Mayagmarsuren felt it is very important for every athlete to have good health, and is interested to set up a similar structure to what he saw today. As for what he wishes to accomplish at this Games, the reason is clear for Mayagmarsuren: “As a father, I am really happy to be here with my son, actually smiling, having conversations from the heart. I want my son to feel like others. That’s very important for him, that’s why we are here.”

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