Tim Shriver Speaks About Mandela Legacy

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Yesterday, Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver sat down with hosts on MSNBC's The Cycle for a special tribute to Nelson Mandela. 

"Mandela was South Africa's father, but he belonged to every nation," Shriver said. "He recognized the primal nature of the racial divisions and saw the marginalizations of many populations. Mandela went to Robben Island and visited his cell and lit a ceremonial flame of hope with a person from the United States who was also imprisoned against his will only because he had an intellectual disability -- [Special Olympics District of Columbia Athlete] Ricardo Thornton. 

"Mandela was a unifier. He dedicated his birthday to children with special needs. He could see those who were left out. Wherever he saw them, he had the act of being a unifier. Mandela's great legacy is not just about politics, but about human hearts and being more open to being inclusive to all. We are looking for champions of unity and Mandela helped us get there." 

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