The Impossible is Very Possible

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Beza, Ofer, and Gai Ben Dor, Ofer’s son, joined forces to reach Beza’s goal of representing Israel and running the marathon in the 2010 Beijing Paralympics.
Special Olympics athletes and family members in Israel were left inspired and energized on January 9th, by the heartwarming story of Ofer Ben Dor – an Israeli man who formed a special relationship with Beza Nababa, a young, marathon runner who was born in Ethiopia and is blind from birth. The storytelling was part of a Special Olympics Lecture Series held annually at the Beit Issie Shapiro, and includes six lectures with each subject relevant to the daily lives of Special Olympics athletes and their families. Some other lectures from this year’s series and the past include “Self-Esteem and Body Image along Disabilities;” “Creative Tools for Changing Attitude,” and “Siblings of a Special Athlete.” While lectures are usually only attended by parents or guardians of Special Olympics athletes, this is the first lecture that was made available to athletes as well. The athletes responded with enthusiasm to the invitation, and 100 athletes and parents attended the event.

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