Lasting Impact

I just heard on of the most powerful stories from a guest speaker at one of our high school convocations. His name was David Petterson. He shared with us his story of courage and perseverance throughout his life. He told us about how he loved to run and that when he was in elementary school he was made fun of because he wasn't the fastest runner. But he said "I could run farther than any of them" He told us of how proud he was when he earned four varsity letters for cross country. He also asked us to make a difference in our community and abolishing the R-word. Our high school has made the pledge of abolishing the R-word. David showed me that when I think that life has been bad for me to think of how much effort and work it took to make it to where David is. So I would just like to thank Special Olympics for helping David which has made a lasting impact on me and everyone in my school.

About Me:

I am a high school sophomore at William Henry Harrison High School.