Life Changing event in Aspen

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Me and Shirleen at Hannah Teters reception
I honestly don't think this event could have gone any better in my favor. Not only did I get paired up with Shirleen, a talented Special Olympics athlete, I got paired up with a new best friend. We came together in Aspen to celebrate the announcement that Hannah Teter is the newest Special Olympics Global Ambassador. Perfect Sense Digital was a sponsor for the event. Shirleen and I literally held hands throughout the whole day. It was fantastic. When we weren't holding hands it was us high fiving after a run down the mountain or giving each other a great big hug when we took a huge turn without falling on our faces. Shirleen has changed my life. As soon as I got into work today I sent her a picture of my desk to let her see where I work cause she was so happy that PSD supports her and her fellow athletes.

About Me:

I am a 28 year old Software Engineer for Perfect Sense Digital. While I am not working I enjoy snowboarding, bouldering, photography, and video games.