Sarah is a Winner!

My niece Sarah has Down syndrome and was sometimes left out of activities with her cousins which made her sad. When she started in Special Olympics she was in the Young Athletes Program. It was wonderful for her. She was able to be a part of a team and learn various sports activities. She had new friends and people who were genuinely interested in helping her be successful. She was able to participate in the regular Special Olympics last year and won a Gold Medal so she was able to go to the State Special Olympics in Illinois. She will always have those wonderful moments of being a part of a team and succeeding in some sports. We have some pictures from the Special Olympic Illinois website because she was so happy when she was running that they could not help but take and use her wonderful pictures. She enjoys the friendships she has gained and being a part of a Team. Thank you to Special Olympics and the Volunteers for doing all that you do to make this happen.

About Me:

Sarah inspires me to try hard and do my best. Her joy in just participating is wonderful and I have seen that joy on the other participants as well.