Unified Partner/Friend to the end

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Billy and his Aide.
I have Autism. I moved to a school that was better equipped to help me. When I met Jacob on my first day of school in the 5th grade he was so nice to me. We became friends right off. We had the opportunity to participate in Special Olympics at our school. We practice the long jump and the baseball throw. I didn't want to run. On the day of the event my name somehow got onto the list for the 100 meter dash. My friend Jacob said he would help me even though we hadn't practiced. We ran it together. He was a Unified Partner and helped me to complete the race. I am so thankful for Jacob helping me and being my Unified Partner/ friend to the end. My aide also helped me to prepare for Special Olympics. She cares so much about me.

About Me:

I am 13 years old. I am super funny and I love Mindcraft. I have Autism. I am the older brother to my two sisters.