The Athlete Health Corner: The Hearing Aids Feel Great!

“I met John C. McGinley, [Special Olympics Global Ambassador, Famous Actor] at the Southern California Fall Games on December 14 2013, and he was very nice and kind,” said Michelle. “I told him my story and all about me being a Global Messenger.”
Michelle Core tells her Healthy Athletes story about being the first Special Olympics athlete to be fitted for free hearing aids from Phonak and the impact of Healthy Hearing in her life:

“I had severe hearing problems and I had pain at the side of my head; I suffered with ear aches so badly. I went to a Healthy Athletes Healthy Hearing clinic and was fitted for hearing aids. I was the first athlete in the United States to receive hearing equipment from Phonak as part of Healthy Hearing. The hearing aids feel great and I can’t tell I’m wearing them!”

Michelle is an advocate and leader to her athlete-peers. The first time she went to a Healthy Athletes venue she was afraid but after she saw how nice and patient the doctors were, then she understood what Healthy Hearing was all about. Michelle encourages fellow athletes to go to Healthy Athletes venues to get their health checked out so they can be a better athlete and have more fun doing sports.

About Me:

Michelle Core has been a Special Olympics athlete in Southern California since 2000. She competes in basketball, bocce, bowling, softball and volleyball and is a certified coach in basketball, bocce, and boxing.