Opening the Sport of Golf to Women Worldwide

230 Alana
Golf is just one vehicle to inspire young women around the world. “What I love about my job as a PGA Golf Professional and my role as a volunteer with Special Olympics Golf, is that both organizations are trying to find ways to bring more women to the game of golf,” says Alana Brahler, Special Olympics North Carolina Coach. “The PGA of America is working on the development of programs all over the United States through their golf professionals to "Grow the Game" and introduce new players to the game of golf. Special Olympics is trying to increase the growth in all of their sports with the inclusionary model of Unified Sports. Both programs are a work in progress and a lot of emphasis is being placed on bringing more women to the game.” Global Messenger Susie Doyens from Special Olympics Florida is a true stand-out in golf. We are privileged to have South Korean LPGA Tour Player I.K. Kim on board to represent us. In 2010, she won the Lorena Ochoa Golf Tournament in Mexico and donated half of her winnings to Lorena's charity and half of it to Special Olympics Golf. Everyone has the potential to make a difference. Although it is nice to be a spectator, it is even better to be a participant. We have the opportunity to shape the lives of others why not do it together?

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I am the Director of Global Media and Public Relations for Special Olympics.