My Life

I was placed in special education in the 4th grade. I thought it was going to be the end of everything. I was held back a grade and went into a long depression. It was not until I was 15 and in the 9th grade when I was approached by my teacher about playing Special Olympics. When I started Special Olympics it was the greatest thing in the world. I played all the way through high school. Once I graduated I was asked about what I was going to do next in my life. I had no clue. I was asked if I was going to go to college. I told myself that I would try, and I failed badly. I dropped out and started to work in fast food. About 5 years later I met my wife and I knew that working in fast food was not going to pay for a family. I sought after a new career and found one in law enforcement. I am now working in the local county jail. After that I went back to college and received my associates degree, bachelors degree and a masters degree. I learned that I was in control of my disability.

About Me:

I learned that I was in control of my disability.