My LIfe

It wasn't until I was 16 when I was officially diagnosed as having autism. I also have ADHD. I am high functioning, so that was why the late diagnosis. I am 32 now. I started Special Olympics in 1999. I am with the South Kitsap program in Washington state. My first sport was swimming. I won 3 medals at my first state summer games. Now, my springtime sport is athletics. Shot put is my field event. I like to do fast walking, but I have done some running in the past. I also played-and won gold medals in- softball, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and just last year, I won the bronze in golf skills! I still do bowling in the fall. I am now taking up ice skating. Since 1999 state summer games, I have competed in and won at least 1 gold medal at state!! I love competing in Fort. Lewis! I had worked at Bangor navy base for 3 years doing galley dis washing. I am still working there. I graduated high school in 2003 with 3.8GPA. Almost all my classes were mainstream. My shot put record:6.69M

About Me:

Athlete since 1999-over 130 medals and counting-favorite sport is track and field-Special olympics washington womens shot out record holder at 9.69 meters- hoping to be chooses to compete at future national and world games