Athletes in South Africa Pass Referees Test

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Special Olympics South Africa Athlete Leaders who received training
In the previous year Special Olympics South Africa athletes attended a 3 day referee’s football workshop in order to become qualified football referees with the assistance of SAFA Official Jack Leboko. The athletes had a revision session prior to writing their test on the 21st February 2014 to help athletes remember theory more easily. Conceptual Eyes assisted instructor Jack Leboko with live drawing to help athletes understand the laws of the game easier through visual stimulation. The athletes made everyone proud as they ALL managed to pass the SAFA Level 1 Referees test. The physical aspect of the test may have not been easy for George Lesotho but he soldiered through. He had this to share “I am extremely happy that I passed and I look forward to having challenging debates about football as I understand the sport better.” “Athletes were prepared, they had courage and their mentors motivated them. Now it’s up to the athletes to go implement what they have learnt on the field of

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