Special Olympics Colima’s Celebrates in Grand Style!

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Sunday 29 March 2014, athletes and Special Olympics Colima parents participated in a breakfast in the green room of the Town Hall of Villa de Alvarez, where the Mayor Enrique Roja Orozco gave recognition to athletes with intellectual disabilities who have excelled in international events. Martha Gutierrez Karina Castellanos, Marco Tulio Carrillo Macías, Luis Cuevas Hector Ruiz, as well as Maestro Osciel Cruz Leyva were recognized for their achievements and years of service within Special Olympics Colima, I thanked the Mayor for this gesture of support and recognize the career of our athletes and our coach. The mayor stated that in the month of August we will have our very interesting national games and wished us success. With these recognitions athletes with intellectual disabilities are able to increase their self-esteem and set new targets for themselves.

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