Motocross and Special Olympics Oklahoma

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Motocross and Special Olympics
We have been active participants in the Special Olympics program for about 15 years. We were blessed with five children. Two boys and three girls. Out of those we have one child with special needs. We have been participating in Special Olympics for about 15 years and will continue as long as we can. Our youngest daughter decided to take up motocross in Oklahoma. We have been racing about 1 year and she wanted to do something special for her brother, so she asked if she could put the Special Olympics logo on her bike. It was all taken care of. So not only does she help and attend his events she also supports him in her sport of motocross. The graphics are amazing and I am very privileged to have the wonderful children I have.

About Me:

I am a mother of 5 children and grandmother of 4 grandchildren. We are very active in sports and I have an autistic child that competes in Special Olympics.