"The" Special

When I was 6 years old I could not understand, because his condition was not known, because he was different from me, because everyone was looking at him as an oddity, but as I grew up I understand. He has special qualities that no one else had, too much love to give, a lot of intelligence to develop, but cruel people ... people just kept saying "the special " “the special”. It’s clear that he was special, had the capacity to love them even though they judged him, and he does not understand them or their sins. He smiled at the gestures of contempt and goes ahead regardless of him limitations. He entered kindergarten and graduated with merit. He entered the primary and all was well ... the second level, but ignorance took over and he was rejected, forced to withdraw from a "normal" school, it was obvious that he was not normal, he was "the special", it's been 30 years and he lives with childhood joy, and managed to gain wisdom. I know you have more to give, and that is where you can help me!

About Me:

I'm not really a volunteer, but I'd like to be. I have a brother with Down syndrome, he is 30 years old, and I would like to participate with him in this organization.