Special Olympics Mexico Athletes participate in a sports clinic with Michael Phelps

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On May 4th in Los Cabos, Mexico as part of the partnership between Special Olympics International and The Michael Phelps Foundation and during the Annual Golf Tournament of the Foundation, two Special Olympics Mexico athletes had the opportunity to share time and learn from their idol, the American swimmer and multiple Olympic medalist Michael Phelps. Adrian Dominguez Ensenada and Angel Sánchez, Special Olympics Mexico athletes where invited by The Michael Phelps Foundation to participate in a sports clinic with the Olympic record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps. During the swimming clinic, Michael taught the athletes some of his winning techniques and advised them on the technical aspects of the sports. Furthermore, he had a chance to spent time with the athletes and talk about their shared passion for swimming. Cathy Bennet, Michael Phelps trainer from his childhood and Patricia Guerra, Special Olympics Mexico´s Ambassadress and recognized swimmer also participated.

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