A Different Ability

I have a son name Joshua Shorts. He is 13 years old and attends Speed/PAL district 802 in Chicago Heights, IL. He was born with Craniosynostosis (sagittal). This bone deformative caused traumatic brain injury. He has had several surgeries to corrected. He has some daily challenges, but none he can"t work through with faith and support. Joshua is one of the fantastic members of Speed Racer's basketball and track athlete. We are very proud of our angel and show school pride. MOM

About Me:

I am blessed wife of 14 years and a mother of three boys, ages 22,13 and 5 yr. I am a stay at home housewife/mom. My life is strictly cheerleading and coaching. I sometimes have to at as a doctor, pastor, friend and chef. My life could be stressful but rewarding.I enjoy life and make the best of it. Not much girlie glamour coming from me.