Kids having a voice.

Kids with autism/disabilities have a hard time understanding but also there's some nice people around that actually would take the time to learn about some kids cannot even speak up for there rights either. Also, we need to help them find a voice and also show them what we can do because so many kids come home once in a while abused or place in a solution room (might know what this is) effects there learning and the way they grow to there leaves. But we need to help them feel comfortable in the place they need to be. Also never use the R-Word it does not help anyone else except yourself we can't let people say this word it's not right. That's why we need to stop it before it's too late and then there's no stopping it then.

About Me:

I don't care if some people care or not but I want at least 50% or 1/2 the world to know this world has some different smart kids/adults born into this world and get a right to do everything.