Special Olympics Empowers Youth Leaders

We are excited to announce that Special Olympics Project UNIFY has appointed six new members to the National Youth Activation Committee in the United States. The new youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities join 15 others from around the United States to support Special Olympics Project UNIFY's work nationally. The National Youth Activation Committee promotes school communities where all young people are agents of change. They provide advice and counsel on strategies designed to reach other youth, engage in and promote Special Olympics activities in their home environments, communicate the initiatives of Special Olympics Project UNIFY, and network with other youth on a local, national, and global basis. New members include: Abigail Abel, Indiana; Mitch Bonar, Indiana; Chris Clare, Montana; Jon Wilson, Montana; Alexandra Gould, Rhode Island; and Jessie Oliveira, Rhode Island.

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Manager, Youth Leadership for Special Olympics Project UNIFY


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