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Mission Inclusion - Fighting Injustice and Achieving Social Inclusion in Partnership

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Janet Froetscher, Joe Preston and David Evangelista
As part of the 2014 Lions Clubs International Children in Need Symposium, Special Olympics CEO Janet Froetscher served as keynote speaker at the Symposium dinner, highlighting the key role that Lions Clubs International, and countless Clubs, have played in energizing and strengthening Special Olympics athletes throughout the world. Addressing delegates from organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunizations (GAVI), Perkins Institute, Speak Up Africa and Save the Children, Froetscher exposed the deepening plight facing children with intellectual disabilities through the life story of Aaron Banda, a Special Olympics athlete in Africa. The symposium brought together leading experts in the field of child rights, social protection, global health, disability policy, sport development and more as part of a concerted effort by Lions Clubs International to increase partnership programming to benefit the most marginalized children.

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I am the Vice President of Global Development and Government Relations at Special Olympics.