People First

I'm lucky to be a Brit and we have not used these words for most of my 71 years. Always we work with the word People first whatever is their disadvantage or different ability. So I might be a Person with Learning Difficulties. This may mean I have Down's syndrome or another sort of different ability. After I retired I taught in the local adult centre for five years and a number of my students had learning difficulties. What was wonderful was that all we had to do together was to work out how best we could learn the next topic. It wasn't that we couldn't learn the topics, it was merely that each of us has a slightly different way to learn which may take a little more time. What does that matter? If we needed more time, we took it. Subject results were marvelous and we all gained so much confidence and new skills. For me, the tutor, the sheer pleasure and joy that I derived from our classes was as much as I had ever had in thirty years of teaching.

About Me:

I'm a retired academic originally from UK but now living in Spain. I taught management until my retirement and taking early retirement I worked at the local adult education centre for five years.