Special and beautiful, that is what you are

I live in Spain, so, people here use a different r-word, but just as hurtful and unfair. When I was small, we had classmates with Down syndrome at school, I lived in a very small town and had never met any such special kids before: they were gentle, fun, gorgeous... I wanted a brother or sister like them! Over the years, I have met quite a few kids with Down syndrome, and, every one of them has surprised and enchanted me, just like any other charming, beautiful kid. In France, I met a young girl who was perfectly bilingual in French and Spanish... How many of you can say that? I hate any demeaning, hurtful term used to call any person. Nobody deserves that. If you feel that you need to insult, then there is something wrong with YOU, not with the target of your insult.

About Me:

Not much to say about me... Just love my fellow creatures, people and animals :-)