How Much Things Changed

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I'm proud to be an unique individual
My name is Robert Macaux, I'm 32 years old and also born with Down syndrome. Throughout my life, I have been hearing a lot of people that use the r word way too often, and it can be very destructive to use since that word can hurt a lot of people emotionally. I'm not just an Special Olympics athlete but also a big time advocate, so I been taking leadership courses with Advocates in Action. Right after I graduated with Advocates back in 2005, I put my leadership skills into action with The Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island so I can speak out to everybody that labels such as the r word should never be used in any form or fashion. I was a broad member with them so I can go on a mission to spread public awareness to all unique individuals. Since I heard that people had been using that word, both me and my girlfriend are sharing our unique lives in every school system in RI, so that we can be a powerful team to remove negative labels forever.

About Me:

I am 32 years old and born with Down syndrome, and I'm also an athlete, actor, college student, advocate and a broad member with DSSRI.