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I am Martin Uriel Torres and I am a champion

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Martin at the 2014 National Games
Martin is the first of 3 children. When he was almost two years Martin's parents realized that something was not right so they took him to the doctor where the diagnosis was autism. My teachers recommended that he should be integrated into a special education kindergarten but his parents decided to leave him in regular school for children. On the advice of a doctor he began attending swimming with Special Olympics and became an athlete of this movement. He studied in regular schools, but while in high school he suffered from bullying and was changing schools until he was accepted in a high school. Finishing high school he attended the National Games 2015 where he was selected to represent Mexico at the World Games in Los Angeles. Martin is excited to represent his country. Martin is a happy and loves video games and the desire is to know the creator of Adventure Time series, Pendleton Ward.

About Me:

National Director of Communications and Marketing