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Special Olympics Integration meeting in Cairo next October

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The president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, signs a special red soccer ball for Special Olympics.
For the first time, a key meeting of the Special Olympics senior leadership will be held in Cairo next October. It will be the first time the Special Olympics "integration week" meeting will be held outside the US since the founding of the movement in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver. The decision was taken in recognition of the progress made in the MENA region and all its programs throughout the past 15 years and appreciating the efforts done to increase the number of athletes to reach out to the greatest number of Intellectually disabled and to keep all activities going in the region especially in such political tensions going on throughout the MENA region. The offer to host the meetings in Cairo was appreciated by everyone especially after the importance Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi had shown to the SO by attending the 8th SO MENA Regional games held in Cairo last December. His Excellency gave an example to be followed by other presidents and leaders all around the world, said Ayman Abdel Wahab, managing director of Special Olympics Middle East-North Afric.

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