Proudest sister in the world

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My name is Katharina and I have two siblings - one of them is my younger brother Mathias, who is currently 16 years old and was born with Down syndrome. Ever since I can remember, he's been doing some type of sport. He did horse back riding, skiing, tennis (which he is really passionate about and according to him he's gonna be a tennis pro one day - just like his idol Jürgen Melzer) and now he is in a dance company - to be exact they're called the idance company. It's a dance group in Vienna which consists mostly of people with Down syndrome. I always knew that my brother loves to sing and dance, and now starting in the Fall the awesome people who are behind the idance company make it possible for him to get a real education in that field. Seeing him perform on stage with all the other incredibly talented people, it just makes me and my whole family so extremely proud and I hope that the idance company will keep up the amazing work they're doing for all our special loved ones.

About Me:

I am basically 20 years old and live in Austria with my family consisting of my mom and dad, my sister and my brother - oh and our guinea pigs. I have a passion for writing and video editing so that's what I will hopefully be doing someday.


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