Hard Won Medals for Romanian Champs

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In a country where many people with intellectual disabilities still live secluded from the rest of society, the story of Nicoleta and Ghizela is unfortunately the exception, not the rule.
Abandoned at birth and then secluded in Romanian residential institutions for almost 25 years, athletes Nicoleta Nicolici and Ghizela Ghereben are living proof that people with intellectual disabilities can achieve greatness, if encouraged and supported in their goals. Thanks to a institutionalization project run by Inclusion Europe the women were moved into residential care and joined Special Olympics. Nicoleta won a gold medal in mini javelin while both wome won silver in relay. Back in Romania, Nicoleta works as a cleaning staff, as is respected by colleagues who see her as a true team player. In her spare time, she plays table tennis, enjoys running, and is actually the Romanian Special Olympics gold champion in badminton as well. Ghizela has a job as a chef's assistant, loves singing and doing sports, and is vice-champion in the Romanian national Karate tournament for people with disabilities. The two women are also committed self-advocates for the rights of people with ID.

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