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Great Britain's ITV News Report Captures Spirit of Athletes

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Olympic Gold Medalist Audley Harrison with Mitchell Camp, athletics
What makes ITV's new report on the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles great is that we hear directly from many Special Olympics Great Britain athletes on how sport has transformed their lives and how it feels to represent your country. "Its a good feeling. Its given me hope," says equestrian athlete Sam Oliver. "If I wasn't part of Special Olympics my life would be completely different" says Mitchell Camp, athletics. "Special Olympics means I have much more happiness and more joy," says equestrian athlete Charlotte McDonald. "This experience has changed me into a better person. Before I wouldn't talk to other people and now I am talking to people more, like I'll say "hi" to other people and I didn't before," says basketball athlete Justin Dunkerley. ITV's Ian Payne followed Team Great Britain to LA and covered the achievements and challenges of the 115 athletes who represented their country. Team GB returned with 179 medals, 58 of those were Gold. The report also hears from coaches, parents, sibling and celebrity ambassadors such as Olympic Gold Medalist Audley Harrison on how the athletes are an inspiration to them.

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