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Special Olympics Athletes "Redefined Winning" On the Way to Social Change

300 x 200 Walter Camp
Tim Shriver, third from left, was awarded the prize on January 16.
As he accepted a prestigious award, Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver made a point about people worldwide with intellectual disabilities.

"Their cause is, I think, the only cause in the history of social change whose voice has been primarily carried through sport," Shriver said.

He made his remarks 16 January as he accepted the Walter Camp Football Foundation Distinguished American Award in New Haven, CT. The award is given each year to an individual who has utilized his or her talents to attain great success in business, private life or public service and who may have accomplished that which no other has done.

In his acceptance speech, Shriver explained that the Special Olympics movement has been a way for "the gifts, and dignity and value and worthfulness of people with Down syndrome or autism or William's syndrome or other intellectual challenges [to be seen] as full and decent human beings."

"They came to the playing fields of sport and turned the whole thing upside down. They redefined winning."

Hear more of his powerful speech at the link below.

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 given by Tim Shriver.
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