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Afghanistan Football Game Featured Corner Kicks and an Earthquake

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Special Olympics Afghanistan athletes racing during area competition.
Not even an earthquake could keep the athletes of Special Olympics Afghanistan from the football field when there was pride on the line.

On October 26th, 2015, teams were in the midst of an area competition football event at the National Olympic Committee Stadium when an earthquake shook the field. The competition paused, and during the delay, coaches saw that the athletes wanted to continue. After making sure it was safe, officials resumed the competition. All of the events were completed the same day.

The competition was one of the many things that Special Olympics Afghanistan is doing, and in part, those activities are made possible by a grant received from the Christmas Records Trust. Worldwide sales of the "A Very Special Christmas" music albums raise money for the trust.

For Special Olympics Programs worldwide, the Christmas Record Trust provides an invaluable resource for improving overall capacity by assisting leaders in reaching the benchmarks established by Special Olympics for Program excellence. The Christmas Record Trust develops organizational capacity through grants and trainings and often supports core programming, enabling a Program to leverage the grant and work towards greater self-sufficiency.

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Sarah Watkins as a Manager on the Community Impact team at Special Olympics International.