Young Athletes Activities

A hot Tuesday in the Seychelles but that did not deter the young athletes coming down from the bus that had just stopped near the gym at the Roche Caiman Sports Complex. About a dozen of them with one trained coach and three helpers walked in the hall ready for a half hour of activities. They could not wait to get changed. Off came their T-shirts and on went the Young athletes T-shirts. The activities started with floor exercises where nearly all participated except for two of them who wanted to do their own stuff under the watchful eyes of the helpers. Running, rolling, walking on all fours formed part of the floor exercises and then it was time to show the athletes how to walk on beams, crawl under and jump with the help of the coach. Looking at them running, jumping and balancing gave me ideas of other activities that we can do with the young ones that are not in school. While taking pictures, I noticed a young lady standing on her own and I asked the coach who she was. It turned out that she is a mother with two children attending the school of exceptional child aged 10 and 13 years old. I approached her, introduced myself and asked her whether she has heard of Special Olympics. She answered, "NO" I explained to her in a brief summary what Special Olympics is all about and whether she would like to come to one of our trainings with her children this coming Sunday and see whether they would like to train with us. She promised to turn up and I just have to wait and see. If she does, we will have one parent involved and two new athletes to join. Not a bad morning, is it?

About Me:

I am the Chairperson of Special Olympics since 2014. I started as an untrained coach in 1987 and trained to become a certified one. The smiles on the faces of the athletes, the courage, the determination that the athletes have sometime bring tears to my eyes and I just cannot stay away