The R-Word is a Bad Word

Calling things "retarded" was a common practice for me growing up. All of my friends did it and it was funny to us. However, this changed once I got to college. I had a friend say "That's a bad word!" every time it inappropriately came out of my mouth. We made a deal: if she discontinued dropping f-bombs, I would not misuse the word retarded. Eventually it became less of a deal and more of a lifestyle change. I found myself correcting others when they would use it or make hateful jokes. These wonderful people, whom I now work with in my career, don't deserve such hateful treatment. What they deserve is respect. They are human beings and some of the best people I have been fortunate to know. All it takes is one change to make a difference in someone else's life.

About Me:

I graduated college in 2012 and have since then made a career out of partnering with disabled adults for a better life through The Arc of Evansville.