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"Unstoppable" Dustin Eudy, Athlete of the Month in North Carolina

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Dustin Eudy of Avery County North Carolina is the Special Olympics NC Athlete of the Month for May 2016.
If Special Olympics Avery County athlete Dustin Eudy was asked which super hero characterized him the most, without question the answer would have to be “Flash”! The 18 year-old has been a blur on the track since he was 8 years old. “He runs like the wind, “said Barb Holdcroft, Eudy’s aquatics coach. “No one can beat him, he’s just unstoppable. He is so talented and I expected to the see the same thing when we started the swim team.” To Holdcroft’s surprise, Eudy was not dominant or fast in the water but he was eager to learn. “Dustin is a very hard worker and is always trying to learn new things whether it’s in school or in Special Olympics,” said Holdcroft. “He was so enthusiastic and eager. He just needed some work on his stroke techniques.” Eudy is in terrific shape. In addition to his Special Olympics sports, he also is a member of the Avery High School football and wrestling teams. Despite a serious hearing impairment, Eudy loves to be involved and active!

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