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What's New for 2017 World Winter Games in Austria

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Prince Albert of Monaco sends a video message of support.
With less than one year away from the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, preparations have picked up pace. On Thursday, May 26th the 2017 Host Town Programme was launched in the beautiful town of Weitra. HRH Prince Albert of Monaco sent a video message wishing the event a great success. Weitra is the host town of the Monaco delegation. It was also announced the Arnold Schwarenegger will serve a Patron to the Games. “The Games are very important to him. He promised us full support to help us organize the best World Winter Games of all times” says Austria 2017 Chairman Herman Kröll. Two new ambassadors for the Games have been named: World Cup Skiier Conny Hütter and Alexander Pointer, former Austria Ski Jumping team coach. Next on the Games Organising Committee agenda is to present the plans for the 2017 World Winter Games to the European Parliament in Brussels in July with the aim of receiving subsidies for the event.

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