Athlete of the year

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Me with my awards
I was and am so honored to have won athlete of the year award at Special Olympics Brunswick County spring games! I got a nice plaque I can hang up on my wall and a nice card with a $50.00 gift card to Walmart I can spend anyway I want. I didn't know it was happening. I was so shocked and surprised. My mom Patti Frankel Fusarini my dad Tom Fusarini and my sister Angela Fusarini had flowers for me there too, and when I got home my grandpa and grandma Melodie Fyke-Van Wye sent flowers. I also got 4th place ribbon in 50 meter dash 3rd place ribbon in 100 meter walk and 2nd place in in softball throw I had a great day!!! I started special Olympics when I moved here in 2014. My first sport was volleyball then bocce then bowling and I do spring games and fall games I also participate in Camp Shriver, a Special Olympics camp. I started in March 2014 and hope to continue. I hope I win gold. I hope to one day go to national games and one day even world games.

About Me:

I am an athlete 25 years old gonna be 26 in June. I like to make friends. I like volleyball basketball bocce bowling softball gymnastics swimming spring games camp all kinds of things. I like to write and I like to read.