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Swimming to the National Games

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With a beautiful view of the volcano of San Salvador, from the Merliot Sports Center, 90 athletes of all skill levels, participated in the swimming qualifying events for the National Games in El Salvador, to be held from August 22 to 25 this year.

Athletes traveled from different parts of the country to the Swimming Federation, in San Salvador, to compete and train for five hours. "Most athletes travel by public transportation, but, when they arrive, they are very happy and pleased to compete. They are grateful for the opportunity to share with their fellow athletes," says Daniela Recinos, Communications Officer for Special Olympics El Salvador. Athletes are members of different clubs and parents are an example of teamwork and unity; they coordinate group transportation from different areas, to get to the practices and trainings.

Swimming is a very complete and cyclical sport that helps improve skills and abilities, on both physical and psychic levels. It helps relaxation, stimulation, which promotes the development of muscle strength and endurance. This will be one of the 11 sports that will be held in the National Games in El Salvador, which will bring 600 Salvadoran athletes together.

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