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Special Olympics Chile's first Health Fair of 2016 at Lo Barnechea

The Special Olympics Chile Health Fair took place at the district of Lo Barnechea thanks to the "Healthy Athletes" program. Special Olympics is the largest health platform in the world for people with intellectual disabilities. Health professionals from Chile volunteered to offer medical and dental services and examinations to more than 40 children and young people, members of Special Olympics Chile.

Doctors like Marina Campodónico, along with a group of volunteers of odontologists, provided guidance regarding hygiene and oral care, thanks to the support of Colgate. The "Med Fest" is an area of the Health Fair where general health exams were performed for each athlete under the leadership of Dr. César Kalazich.

Special Olympics is committed to continue to provide spaces for strengthening health habits and welfare of our athletes. Thanks to all the professionals, teachers, and directors who are part of the "Healthy Athletes" program in Chile, for their commitment and dedication.

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