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Bringing communities together with soccer in Paraguay

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Part of the unifying power of sports is the ability to engage all. When we do sports, we team up and we are happy. In order to harness the power of soccer as a tool for social integration for children and youth, families and communities, the Center for Development of Intelligence of Paraguay (CDI) created the "Partidí" project. In June this year, Special Olympics Paraguay signed an agreement with UNICEF to join them in the development of this educational project under Unified Sports, Special Olympics program that brings people with and without intellectual disabilities together on the same team.

The “Partidí” Soccer League provides an educational approach centered on the person and in their development as a subject of social change. CDI’s educational project involves communities affected by the flooding of the Paraguay River in March 2016. UNICEF has worked directly with these communities in response to the displacement they have suffered. Special Olympics saw that we had common ground to build on the knowledge, experience, and networks of both institutions to enhance the scope and achieve better results for social inclusion in Paraguay.

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