End the R-Word

My brother who is intellectually disabled once asked me, "why do people use the word 'retarded' to make fun of other people? That's what I am, isn't it? Why is that bad?" and it was that moment that I realized I NEED to do something to stop the use of the r-word. His innocence and outlook on life isn't altered by the ignorant use of the word, however, mine is. I understand how hurtful that word is and I desperately want to make a change. It makes me cringe when I hear rude comments containing the r-word and I have successfully gotten my group of friends to stop the use of it and everyday I try to make a difference for those with intellectual disabilities. I will not stop trying to get people to eliminate the word from their vocabulary. I want to continue the movement and spread the word as much as I possibly can. It is something I am very passionate about because my brother means so much to me.

About Me:

I am more than a family member. I am a volunteer, an assistant coach, a referee, and a friend who desperately wants to see a change.