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He no longer fears dentists

Visiting a dental clinic was a major cause of anxiety for 22-year-old Bhavya Jain. Getting him to open his mouth for an oral examination was a challenge for his caregivers. But the patience of Clinical Director Dr Reena R Kumar and her team at the Divya Jyoti college of Dental Sciences and Research soon won him over. Today, Bhavya is a compliant patient and is able to undergo treatment without sedation. Bhavya joined Special Olympics Bharat more than two years ago. His parents found it hard to control his behaviour and tendency to unlock cars and drawers, which posed a danger to himself and others. His father enlisted the help of Special Olympics coach Nishant Sharma. Bhavya has since taken part in a number of sporting events including Special Olympics Bharat’s National Championships. He has become more receptive to strangers. "He has changed his conduct, speech and even the way he dresses," says Nishant. He also goes for dental check-ups regularly without fuss.

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