Sport Can help to Build a Unified Society

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Dominik Hohwieler takes a break at the Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY) seminar, Sardinia, Italy
When it comes to building a more inclusive society there are none better placed than Special Olympics athletes to show the way forward. German Unified volleyball Dominik Hohwieler recently had the opportunity to make his case for how the Special Olympics movement can make a positive impact. Dominik was one of 40 participants at the Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY) seminar organized by the European Non-Govermental Sports Organisation (ENGSO-Youth), on the island of Sardinia, Italy. The aim of the seminar was to identify ways to increase participation levels in sport of children with disabilities and aid social integration. Speaking in three languages, English, German and sign language, Dominik was a fantastic endorsement of the Athlete Leadership programme as he engaged in the sessions. He also detailed the benefits of the inclusive sport campaign. ‘ It was an honor to participate at the session and to work together as a team,' said Dominik. 'I am proud of what we have achieved,’

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